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Wholesale Morse Code Jewelry Inquiry

Interested in carrying CA Souls jewelry at wholesale in your retail shop? We've partnered with Faire to make it easy to order our jewelry at wholesale online! In addition to easy ordering, we now offer the following benefits through Faire:
  1. Net 60 terms on all orders for brick & mortar stores
  2. Free returns on your first order
  3. Limited time: $50 of credit for our line when you sign up!

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If you have the stuff that makes all the ladies in town flock to your booth every time you are showcased at the local craft fair, then you have found your unique jewelry niche and have an eye for accessorizing. As a wholesale jewelry reseller, you probably carry a select variety of unique, top-quality pieces from a handful of reputable jewelry manufacturers. You may even make and sell your own jewelry to add to your portable boutique. In addition to traveling to local craft and jewelry fairs to sell your curated collection of jewelry pieces, you may even have a brick-and-mortar shop. If you are looking to add some new wholesale handmade bracelets, wholesale handmade necklaces and other wholesale handmade jewelry to your inventory, you will want to check out the unique pieces that CA Souls has to offer your customers. 

The dynamic duo behind CA Souls is taking the jewelry world by storm with their Morse code jewelry pieces. From ankle bracelets to necklaces and wrist bracelets, their unique interpretations are modern, dainty, feminine and personalized. They also welcome custom orders, so you can even offer your customers the opportunity to create some "I tolerate you" bracelets that a woman can give to all of her sisters for the upcoming holidays. From sweet sentiments to snarky and laughter-inducing, the CA Souls Morse code jewelry collection is a beautiful, unexpected and unique way to show the important women in your life how much you care about them. 

CA Souls has partnered with Faire to bring wholesalers like yourself a special deal and terms. In addition to easy online ordering through Faire you can also enjoy the benefits of net-60 terms on any and all orders that are specifically for brick-and-mortar stores. You also receive free returns on your first order. This gives you an opportunity to dazzle all your local jewelry divas with the new pieces from CA Souls and ensure that they love the collection. For a limited time, you can also receive a $50 credit on your first order when you create a wholesale account with CA Souls. 

To receive a wholesale line sheet, you only need your name, basic information, business name and reseller permit to create an account. The CA Souls jewelry collection is unlike anything else out there in the market; it practically sells itself. When you want to offer your customers a variety of unique wholesale handmade bracelets, wholesale handmade necklaces, and wholesale handmade jewelry pieces from a curated collection of top jewelry brands, you will definitely want to partner with CA Souls. Their pieces are unique, timeless, feminine and completely customizable.