Custom Morse code bracelets

Morse Code Bracelets - Custom Bracelets With A Secret Message Or Name

​​​​​Are you a 1830s telegraph operator trapped in the modern age? Waiting to hear back from your late 19th-century lover overseas? Or perhaps you just learned Morse code to gossip about that seventh-grade boy when you were in sixth, like the rest of us. Whatever the reason, Samuel F. B. Morse has done us the favor of leaving people everywhere with a code a step above the pigpen cipher keys we scribbled in our notebook margins, and now done us a favor again (thanks, Sammy!) by enabling custom bracelets to carry a hidden message. Check out these ideas for a Morse code bracelet custom designed for exactly the message you want to send. 

Remember those spy novels with the girls in private school skirts on the cover? Live your own little piece of espionage by carrying a secret Morse code bracelet message with you. Whether swapping custom name bracelets with a friend to keep each other close, wearing a coded affirmation at your side, or even sending a gift as a mysterious secret admirer that'll have them racing to decipher your encoded "I love you". You can give your Morse code bracelet custom text designed for its recipient's eyes only. Or, if you prefer, get out there into the crowd and use it as a conversation starter! Custom Morse code bracelets lend any outfit that personal touch a step above "I like your skirt" "Thanks, I got it at a department store" and the awkward staring, fumbling for the rest of a conversation. Will you translate? Or would you rather leave people guessing? 

We live for the cute, sophisticated look of the beaded Morse code bracelet — how will your name look in round bead dots and cylindrical dashes or a custom name bracelet? Or have a solid-charm Morse code bracelet custom engraved with traditional notation for a piece of nostalgia. Morse code bracelets can be romantic with our "I Love You" bracelets or a sign of best friends forever with our friendship bracelets. Also, consider the look on your grandma's face when she gets Grandma+Grandpa Forever names engraved with one of our Morse code bracelets for family. No matter what your angle, don't we all dream of having someone who pays enough attention to get us custom bracelets and know just what to say? 

(And if you are waiting on grand gestures: why not be that person for yourself?) 

Say something with your gift or style that you can't with words. Or, well, maybe you can, but why stick to the boring route? If you want a little something to leave an impression they'll have to puzzle out, choose a Morse code bracelet for jewelry that says something.