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Gold filled is a quality alternative to solid gold. It is constructed in many layers with brass (90% copper & 10% zinc) as the core and a thick layer of pressure-bonded gold on the outside. Unlike plated metals, 14k Gold filled lasts as long as 14k gold and is more affordable. It is safe for most people with sensitive skin or allergies. Gold filled contains 5% or 1/20 gold by weight. It does not flake off or turn colors like plated or "dipped" gold. Exceptions occur in rare instances when gold filled is under extreme sulfide exposure. 


  1. Applying too much pressure on gold filled surface while cleaning it with polishing cloth. 
  2. Wearing gold filled jewelry while in the pool. The chlorine in the water can damage the item. 


  1. Periodically polish your item with jewelry cloth or gently clean it with mild soapy water. Be sure to pat it dry after each cleaning. 
  2. Store each piece of jewelry separately to keep them from scratching against each other. 
  3. Store jewelry in airtight plastic bags. If not, make sure the storage area has low humidity.