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At CA Souls, we help you create a memorable gifting experience.

By incorporating the uniqueness and secrecy of Morse code into our simple designs, we allow you to personalize messages that express a personal sentiment.

Chau & An

The name CA Souls signifies the re-union of Chau and An in California - two childhood friends reconnected after 10 years of being apart.

In their 20s, the two friends were on the look for new opportunities of a more fulfilling and meaningful career. A career that will feed their creative souls and give them the tools to make a difference in life.

Summer 2015, they partnered up and founded CA Souls - a creative play ground that gives them the opportunity and freedom to create quality handcrafted accessories that are meaningful and personal.

CA Souls is not just a jewelry maker but an ambassador.

Understanding that their customers are either shopping for a unique piece of jewelry for themselves or looking for a meaningful gift, Chau and An incorporate Morse code into the designs and encourage their customers to have fun, be creative, be personal and original with the message they want to create.

We believe in authentic human connections. But we know some feelings are so intimate and they can be hard to say in words. Therefore we give you a perfect medium to intimately deliver a love message, an encouragement, an inside joke, etc. to your friends, family, and loved ones.