Morse code anklet

Morse Code Anklets - Personalize Your Own Secret Message

Jewelry with special, customized messages is nothing new in the world of fashion. For centuries, lovers and family members have been gifting mementos with special meaning to each other. Miniature portraits used to be all the rage. At one point, giving your loved one a miniature, wearable portrait of just your eye was a popular trend! A young lady used to give a lock of hair to her beau to be placed into a ring or a pendant. 

These trends have fallen out of style, and for good reason. However, we still want to send words of love and encouragement to our loved ones. Now, you can do this in a way that embraces both the old and the new: Morse code anklets. 

Hidden in a sock or under a pant leg, but peeking out from time to time, our Morse code anklets are a beautiful blend of tradition and trends. Our personalized anklets have round and elongated beads taking the place of dots and dashes or short and long beeps. You can hide a message in plain sight in these Morse code anklets. 

To the untrained eye, these look like simple, beautiful beaded anklets. They are lovely all on their own. The extra layer of romance, intrigue, and care is that your Morse code anklets carry a secret message with them--a message that is all your own. 

Morse code anklets are completely customizable. You can send whatever message you’d like to send with our personalized anklets. Or you can order a custom anklet for yourself and keep a beautiful secret that only you know. Do you want to tell a special someone that you love them? Let them carry that love along with them, and each time they look down and see their personalized anklet’s statement of your love they will be reminded of you. 

Do you have a longer message to send? Try a combination of our custom anklets. Our Morse code anklets are stackable, so you can make the message as long or as short as you’d like. You can mix and match styles between different styles of Morse code anklets, to match the tone of your message and the style of the wearer. 

Morse code anklets make wonderful tokens of friendship as well as love. Bring the idea of friendship bracelets into adulthood with a sleek, sophisticated connection between friends. Choose matching Morse code anklets or complimentary words or phrases between friends. Have a family motto? Put it on a Morse code anklet for all the ladies of the family to wear with pride! 

Feel free to browse our available styles of Morse code anklets, contact us with any questions, and let others know about this stylish, fun way to share secrets! If anklets aren't your style, check out our custom Morse code bracelets or Morse code necklaces.