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Morse Code Jewelry


Find a piece you like, create your own message in
Morse Code, and we handle the rest for you.

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Morse Code Necklaces

Dainty, elegant,
& meaningful

Every piece is hand-crafted with a personal touch from you.
We create jewelry that bring people together.

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Sister Jewelry Gifts

Jewelry that
touches your soul

When you’re far away, a little love can go a long way.
Send your sister a small gesture of love today!

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Morse Code Engraved


Our engraved pieces offer timeless and personal
options, perfect for engraving your special message.

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Empowerment Collection

Wear your

Our Empowerment Collection is there to help remind you
to find your inner goddess or warrior!

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Create Your Own Message

Wearable, shareable, lovable.

Strengthen the connection between friends, family, and loved ones with a custom jewelry design that sends a special message - something to remember, inspire, and celebrate!

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Custom Morse Code Jewelry

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Oh-so-lovely personalized Morse code necklaces is more than a charm with dots & dashes.

We live for the cute, sophisticated look of the beaded Morse code bracelet.

Engraved Men Bracelets

For men or women featuring a beautiful stainless steel bar that displays your Morse code message.

Filipa I

Morse Code Bracelet

From $48


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Words hold powerful meaning. Use the power of words to craft a life you love.

Empower yourself to see the awesomeness that is there instead of what isn't.

A Morse code piece is perfect when you want to broadcast your love, even more so when it's a secret.

Every family speak their own language. As crazy and chaotic as they might be, they're yours!

“Sisters are so special. I love this bracelet and being connected to my sister miles away!”


“Beautiful necklace, really good quality. I'm into dainty jewelry and this is my fave at the moment. You won't be disappointed!”


“Such a dainty & beautiful necklace! I got this to represent my heart warrior baby boy, it says warrior in Morse code and his birthstone, March.”


“I love my bracelet. I was looking for a dainty simplistic piece as a stacker to match my gold watch. And this bracelet is the perfect piece for my style.”

—Sharon Park

“For my sister's 21st birthday. She absolutely loved it! Thank you!”


“Add customer reviews and testimonials to showcase your store’s happy customers.”

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Letter from the founders

An and I started CA Souls as a little online shop on Etsy where we handmade and sold Morse code jewelry for the first time. As we grow, with every order that came in, we wanted to make sure that we don’t just make and sell jewelry...

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