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Tell that special someone how you feel with our love morse code necklace and bracelet collection. From elegant beaded pendants to rugged leather bracelets, there's something to suit every taste and style.

Morse code jewelry: a secret link between you and your love

Our morse code jewelry doesn't just make a gorgeous gift, it also includes a coded message between you and your sweetie. Each necklace and bracelet features a word or phrase spelled out in morse code — a series of dots and dashes that correspond to letters of our alphabet. Back in the time before telephone (and way before DM's), people would use morse code to communicate with each other over long distances. When you give your other half a love morse code necklace or bracelet, they'll be able to keep your words close to them no matter how far apart you are.

Find the right words with morse code jewelry

Whether you want to tell someone they're the love of your life, or that you want to spend forever together, our pre-made morse code bracelets and necklaces are the perfect way to express your feelings. Each one features a love related word spelled out in morse code. Choose from delicate beaded bracelets, with dots represented by round beads and dashes by tubes, or opt for a chunkier bracelet with the words engraved into stainless steel. Each piece comes with a card translating the code. Anyone else looking at the jewelry will just see a minimalist pattern, but you and your love will know what it really says. If you'd rather include an inside joke, a special date or a name, you can create custom jewelry.

True love deserves high quality jewelry

Every piece in our collection is handmade in California. We use some of the best materials around. Our metal bracelets are crafted from sterling silver. We also have 14 karat gold fill options in rose gold and yellow. Gold fill lasts just as long as pure gold but is more affordable. As well as dainty bracelets and chain necklaces for her, we also have more masculine designs for him. These have a strap crafted from genuine leather, tied to a stainless steel bar where we engrave your morse code message. Want to match? Check out our couples bracelet collection.

The perfect gift for the woman (or man) who has it all

When it comes to gifts, jewelry is always appreciated. Our morse code pieces take it up a notch by including a coded message of admiration. Confess your feelings for your new sweetheart with a morse code necklace, or celebrate your third (leather) anniversary with a bracelet crafted from genuine leather. Our morse code jewelry is super affordable, so makes a fabulous 'just because' gift too. And, because the designs are so chic and subtle, it's something they'll want to wear every day.

Being in love isn't always easy. But with our morse code love jewelry, your partner can take your words of adoration and encouragement with them wherever they go.