Introducing New Collection - Engraved Morse code Bracelets!

Introducing New Collection - Engraved Morse code Bracelets!

Chau and I are always thinking of how we can evolve our Morse code line in unique and exciting ways, and we are thrilled to introduce our newest creation. We recently launched the engraved bracelet collection that intertwines classy with subtlety, and promotes jewelry with meanings in the most underlying, yet eye-catching, way. These new pieces add the perfect flair to any outfit or personality that makes wearing them even more special.

We would like to share some insight about this one-of-a-kind line, and why it is more than just another jewelry collection. Here are reasons why we believe our engraved collection is so unique and serves as the ideal expression of love and admiration in a way that is hard to find anywhere else.

Masculine and Feminine Adaptability

No men left behind! These engraved pieces can transcend our gender, and appease both men and women wearers. We offer flexible and neutral designs that will make the perfect compliment for that someone special, regardless of their gender. These engraved pieces offer timeless and limitless options, and you can adapt the style to fit the person who wears it and the message it represents. Either ladies or gentlemen can pull off these pieces with ease, class and confidence - traits that look beautiful on anyone. 

Classy, yet subtle, look with a deep message

The customizable Morse Code message is engraved within the stainless steel bar, which accentuates its look in a subtle way. The dots and dashes offer an eye-catching appearance that leaves others noticing the message and wondering if there is more to it. While some people may notice the Morse Code element, others may think that it’s just the overall beautiful look of the piece.

Whatever the case, the deep message is pronounced to you, but may not be noticeable to those who look upon it. What better way to secretly wear your heart on your sleeve (or wrist) than with one of our engraved pieces?

Great layering piece with your other CA Souls counterparts

Add to your growing collection of CA Souls pieces (wink wink) with the an engraved counterpart. This line of jewelry would fit perfectly with any of our other Morse Code pieces, and it would look great layered in between your special messages as well. This is a unique way to tie in other Morse Code pieces you own (or want), or to simply add something different to your own collection of jewelry.

High-end look while being reasonably priced

We want to share our jewelry with the world, and we would love for everyone to have their own secret message displayed proudly on a CA Souls piece. That is why we offer high-end quality for a reasonable price in our engraved collection. Quality is not sacrificed, as all pieces are made with tarnish resistant stainless steel that will last and endure time. 

Our engraved line is no different. We make them with the same love, detail and finesse that we do with all of our jewelry. When you purchase a CA Souls piece, you are not just getting another jewelry piece, but an item that has been cherished with love right from the beginning.

Be sure to check out the full Engraved Collection!

So, all we have left to ask is - which one fits you or that special someone? Leave us your love or comments below.