It’s time to celebrate Dads!

It’s time to celebrate Dads!

The person who gives you the first idea of what a man’s love is like is also the man who you call ‘dad.’ Your father signifies the person who looked after and protected you throughout your life. This man was the example of what you hoped to find for yourself in a partner one day, and who inspired you to go after your dreams and aspirations. He was the pinnacle of love and devotion to you, and now it’s your turn to show him how much he means to you.

For this upcoming Father’s Day, we have the best collection of pieces to honor this special man in your life. Our engraved Morse Code bracelets are the perfect complimentary pieces to show your appreciation in the greatest way possible. These carefully crafted pieces are just as special and unique as a father & daughter or father & son’s love. 

Here are some reasons why a CA Souls piece would be the perfect gift for your dad this upcoming Father’s Day:

Personal messages with a masculine touch

Our subtle heartfelt messages are complimented perfectly alongside the masculine bands that hold the engraved piece. With our band options, you can choose from silicon, vegan leather, braided nylon cord, silver mesh or metal chain. The backing can be closed with metal snaps, clasps, extension cord or adjustable strap.

Each piece has its own masculine touch that really adds to the overall message and fits the one-of-a-kind personality for the men in your life. We hope these unique accents that we offer alongside our pieces really encapsulate the men you want to celebrate this year.

No matter the message, we got you covered

If you prefer “father,” “daddy,” “best dad,” or “I love you, daddy” then we have all your bases covered. Our Father’s Day Collection has pieces that are already beautifully engraved, or you can choose one to tailor your own special message on.

On our website, we offer a place to create your own special note to your recipient. Some bracelets hold up to eight characters, while other options hold up to 16 characters for your personalized note. This is the perfect time to customize the right message for the special guy in your life in a way he never expected.

Why a CA Souls piece is the best gift to give?

While it can be tough to find a jewelry piece that a man will cherish, our collection has the subtlety and class that can be enjoyed by many within the opposite sex. The masculine touches, deep engraved color schemes and personalized message capabilities make our bracelets the gift that most men will want to show off and wear out.

Like your love with one of the closest men in your life, a CA Souls piece symbolizes how one-of-a-kind your relationship is with them. The subtlety of the message, along with the masculine look of a CA Souls bracelet, is the perfect way to express your love for the special guy you call dad. He will not only be touched by the overall handsome look of the piece but truly honored by the secret and thoughtful message that is engraved upon it by the daughter or son he adores.

For a look at our Father’s Day collection, and to help get inspired for your gift, check out here!

From all of us at CA Souls, we wish you all a Happy Father’s Day!