Happily Ever After: The Morse Code Bridal Guide!

Happily Ever After: The Morse Code Bridal Guide!

Your wedding day is something that you have planned since you started playing dress up. You may have waited for this moment your whole life, and now you couldn’t wait to celebrate it with your family and friends. In contrast, maybe you didn’t think you would ever tie the knot, and now, you can’t wait to begin the rest of your life with your partner in crime.

Regardless of how you got here, we are excited for you and this next chapter in your life. Weddings are the prologue to a beautiful love story (maybe a Nicholas Sparks-esque novel), and we want to help craft your special story in a way that can be shared by everyone.

We offer a one-of-a-kind bridal collection that is perfect for all those wonderful people who have stood beside you and have made you the person that you are today. From the venue, to the dresses, and down to the flowers, your wedding day is an event that you will remember for a lifetime. In honor of this event, we have the perfect pieces that will mark this memorable day for everyone and make it last just as long as the happy memories.

You can't tie the knot without the bride tribe!
These are your soulmates, your “sisters,” your besties who you have chosen to stand by your side while you marry your ‘one and only.’ For your girls, it is a great honor to be asked to be a part of your bridal party, and we have just the perfect ‘asking’ gift to match this special occasion.

Our “Bridesmaids” line offers beautiful customization and individualization like no other. We offer to personalize your Maid of Honor's and Bridesmaids' names in Morse code onto the jewelry pieces. In addition, you can choose to include a cute saying to be printed onto the jewelry card. We offer 10 different sayings for you to choose from; or you can choose to include your own personal message that will fit the unique personalities of your bridal party. We guarantee your girls will be smitten and this will be one of the most meaningful gifts you've ever gifted. 

Here comes the mother of the bride!
This is the woman who has helped shape you into who you are, and stood as your first role model into womanhood. Entering this new chapter of your life, you now have a new appreciation for the woman you know as your mom. She has been your protector, cheerleader, best friend, teacher who inspired you to be the best you can be. On this special day, give your mom a gift that she will cherish almost as much as she cherishes you. Our 


Morse Code bracelet embodies the grace and emotion you feel towards your mom as you let go of your past of being her little “princess”, and embrace your new future of being a wife and a future mom yourself. Also, don't forget to thank the mother of the groom for raising the man of your dreams!

Weddings are better with a sister!
The one who understands you better than yourself sometimes. Sister, by blood or not, is the person who could keep your secrets, while helping you dream of the future, including your wedding day. She has been there for you through your toughest battles and smiled brightly with you in your happiest moments.

Life is Better with A Sister bracelet would be the perfect compliment for this special person in your life. Our Morse Code pieces are the best interpretation of a relationship that’s just as unique as the person whom you call sister.

Treat yourself on this special day!
This is the day that you will cherish and remember forever. A whirlwind of love and memories that will always be in your mind and embedded in your heart. We have such a mix of options for you to choose from in honoring your special day. Will you choose your partner’s name? The date you met? How about that special nickname you use for each other? After all, every message is depicted in Morse Code, so have fun and wear your love in a way that only you and your partner will understand and appreciate.

In the end, love isn’t just about what you feel for your partner; it is also an intertwining emotion that weaves a unique connection between you and those sharing in your wedding day. Why not give them a gift that is just as special as the bond you share and the day that you have dreamt about forever.

From all of us here at CA Souls, congratulations and best wishes on life’s next chapter! Check out all the pieces from the bridal collection here.