Celebrating All Women on Mother’s Day!

Celebrating All Women on Mother’s Day!

The time of year has come to honor the important women in your life. Whether it’s the woman that raised you, the one that you call your partner in life or your aunt, your grandmother, your mother-in-law, “Mother’s Day” is just around the corner to celebrate the wonderful women you know and love.

We offer timeless and one-of-a-kind pieces that are customizable to fit the special people in your life. Our collections have the right amount of simplicity and sparkle to match any outfit or personality out there, especially those remarkable ladies.

If you are familiar with our products (We hope so!) then you know that each piece is handled with care, love and presented on our signature CA Souls jewelry cards. We carefully place the chosen message on the card to emphasize the beautiful secrecy of the Morse Code language.

Since we love to think of new and exciting ways to evolve our jewelry collection, we decided to add some flair and elegance to our own CA Souls jewelry cards in honor of this upcoming Mother’s Day. These new cards, crafted in beautiful pastel floral patterns, are the perfect accessory to our Morse code pieces. Like a greeting card, they offer heartfelt sayings to celebrate the remarkable ladies in your life and help accentuate the meaningful Morse code messages on the jewelry.

To help shed some inspiration for the perfect gift, here is a look at our Mother’s Day line, along with the new beautifully crafted CA Souls cards.


Whether it’s for the mother of your children or for the woman who raised you, every day should be “Mother’s Day” for this wonder woman. For this upcoming holiday, why not surprise your mom (or wife) with a CA Souls piece. The heartwarming messages, along with a Morse Code jewelry piece, will not only touch her heart but also give her something to cherish forever.

Mother & Daughter Set


What better way to celebrate your unique and one-of-a-kind relationship than with the beautiful “Mother & Daughter” set. This collaborative piece is timeless, classy and such a special way to mark a lifelong bond that is just as priceless and irreplaceable.


This is a woman whose relationship was made over time and created by love. This was the person who raised your partner to become the one you fell in love with. Your bond is unique and remarkable, so why not give her a gift that is just as personable and special as your relationship.


For some, your grandma has been a person that is unlike any other in your life. She has helped raise you or has been instrumental in your life during its most challenging chapters. Show your appreciation and love for your grandma with a piece that is just as classy and beautiful as the woman who has always been a lifelong companion in your life.


A person has chosen to stand as a remarkable example for you in adolescence and adulthood. Your godmother has been pivotal throughout your life as she was the one chosen to look after you if your parents could not. Give her something to remember in a jewelry piece that is just as one-of-a-kind as the honor it is to be your godmother.


She’s someone who’s like another sister, a second mom or a grandparent figure. Being an aunt is so cool because she fills so many roles in your life. While she may be an aunt in actuality, her place in your world has always encompassed so much more than that. Gifting her with a CA Souls piece is the perfect way to honor a woman that has represented such an irreplaceable presence in your life.

I Love You

You have said this a million times, but why not say “I love you” in a way like never before? Our unique Morse Code jewelry will really make an impact in a heartfelt and meaningful way when you present those three words that many long to hear. Our pieces will always stand as a subtle reminder of your love for them regardless of distance or time apart.

Thank You

Say “Thank You” in one of the simplest, yet unforgettable, ways. This is the perfect way to honor a woman who has always been by your side and loves you for simply being yourself. Our personalized pieces and heartwarming message cards will say everything you need it to when it comes to thanking someone who has given you so much and continues to do so.

Check out our full Mother’s day collection and choose a saying that best fits the special woman in your life - then you’re set to go!

Enjoy and Happy Mother’s Day from all of us here at CA Souls!