10 Reasons to Buy a Morse Code Jewelry!

10 Reasons to Buy a Morse Code Jewelry!

Finding jewelry that is meaningful and unique is daunting and not an easy accomplishment. Stores are lined with a variety of options, and it really takes something different to stand out from the rest. At our jewelry company, CA Souls, we use Morse code as our design focal point, and give our customers the chance to create an intimate and powerful message that only few can decipher. As a result of this customization, we create something that has sentimental value and a poignant meaning to those who purchase our jewelry.

For a deeper understanding of our Morse Code jewelry line, we shared the Top 10 reasons why you should check out our pieces. Hopefully, you will get some better insight into our brand, creative thoughts, and possibly make our jewelry your next purchase for that someone special.

  • 1. Our customization is incomparable
  • There is nothing more powerful than creating your own message in a way that only few can understand. Our Morse Code collection gives you the ability to create a beautiful piece that is solely special to you and to those you love. From a bridal collection for your bridesmaids, to customizing a piece for that special someone you consider “your person”, our handcrafted pieces are one-of-a-kind in a way that is unlike anything else out there.

  • 2. Simple, yet meaningful jewelry line
  • We’d like to think our pieces are beautiful, yet simple and deeply meaningful. We purposefully created a minimal jewelry line that our customers can fit perfectly with their everyday outfit or professional attire. The beads used to represent the Morse Code message are small, yet eye-catching and bold. Coupled with the slender chain of the necklace or bracelet, our jewelry can stand out amongst the crowd, without having to be over-the-top with gems, jewels and shimmery accents.

    These jewelry pieces also play a bigger role; they can be a reminder of a happy memory, a dear relationship, a daily encouragement or even a symbol of a new beginning. What our brand offers is a subtle jewelry addition to your daily style, while making a powerful statement to match a beautiful story or message.

  • 3. A simple message can tell a whole story
  • You may have heard of the saying, a picture is worth a thousand words. The same holds true for your unique message as well. You have up to eight characters to summarize your special message to someone. While that may seem small, all it takes is one small word or phrase to transcend a whole meaning.

    For instance, August 6th is National Sister’s Day. Try thinking about your own sister in one word, and see what word inspires you (Examples - love, sister, forever, BFF or my person). All it takes is the right word to embody the full meaning and story to your relationship. As sisters (blood or not), you have a bond that not many will have in their lifetime, and is unique all on its own. All it takes is that one special word to bring to light a relationship that means so much to those who share in it.

  • 4. Each piece is handmade with love and care
  • We take pride in each piece that we create because it is an honor for us to be a part of the hundreds or even thousands of unique stories out there.We understand that each message and design has a sentimental meaning to our customers. For some it can symbolize a life long friendship or a love story. Whereas for others, it can be a reunion or even a struggle in battling cancer.As a result of this, the crafting process goes beyond simply creating "a beautiful piece of jewelry." We immerse ourselves in the customers' stories and take the time to hand-craft each piece in a personalized way.

    We also encourage our customers to leave personalized notes as part of our ordering process. We take the time to hand write each note, so that they can be delivered alongside the jewelry to the intended recipient. This really tops off the jewelry order and makes it even more special to those both receive and give the gift of a CA Souls jewelry piece.

  • 5. A variety of pieces that come in many different forms
  • Some people love necklaces, others enjoy chokers and some just simply want to wear a bracelet. Here, we got all jewelry lovers covered. Our pieces come in a traditional necklace style, lariat necklace, choker style, and Y-necklaces. Our bracelets are also perfect for those shoppers who love to layer their bracelets/necklaces and want to add another beautifully subtle piece to their arm candy collection. With so many options available, it is hard to not find something to appease the jewelry lover that lies in many of us.

  • 6. You can always throw some color in
  • We know that you love to personalize your piece when it comes to designing one for yourself or your loved one. Aside from choosing the type of jewelry you want and customizing a message, you can also add some accent color to your piece. The color comes in the form of Swarovski birthstones and crystals that are offered in our Chloe, Ann, and Laura bracelet/necklace designs.

    Best of all, you have the option to personalize the color to your birth month. The birthstones will give your piece that extra splash of color that you desire, but is still simple and subtle. Our website offers pictures of the different colors, both birthstones and jewelry pieces, to help give you a better visualization of your final piece as well.

    Regardless of the colors you choose, the message will still be present and make a powerful statement without having to be over-the-top in presentation.

  • 7. Gifts for him - you got it, gifts for your special guy are available
  • We show no bias at CA Souls, because we know that not all jewelry lovers are women. We also offer a jewelry line that is ‘unisex’, and can appease both men and women jewelry wearers out there. Bracelets named Pax, Jayden, Drew, Alex, and Riley are just some of the unisex options out there for your special guy. Be sure to check those options out as well, and possibly surprise your other half with a one-of-kind piece that will be deeply meaningful to both of you.

  • 8. You appreciate and desire to learn more about the Morse Code system
  • Our pieces have really inspired us to learn more about the Morse Code system. There is so much more to it than just a series of dashes and dots, but a whole communication system that was instrumental throughout our history. Morse Code also paved the way of telecommunications as we know it today.  Reading about its history truly makes one appreciate our own devices, and to not take for granted how far we have come.

  • 9. Modification and repairs are available
  • Things happen and sometimes our pieces need a little adjustment or a simple fix to make it perfect. Due to those factors, we offer an extremely fair and generous modification and repair policy for our jewelry line. We want you to be happy with the final product, and will do what we can to insure you get the best end result.

  • 10. Need an idea or inspiration? Check out our social media pages
  • We love to show off some of the most favorite pieces, but we understand that we can’t fit them all on our website. If you follow our social media platforms, we not only highlight our new pieces, but also give out some gift ideas or share special jewelry items that were recently crafted by the minds of our customers. We are always striving to evolve our line and take it to the next level for our current and prospective customers out there.

    An Interview with the masterminds behind CA Souls

    An Interview with the masterminds behind CA Souls

    In an age where jewelry options are endless, what can you do to set yourself apart from the rest of the world? That is what the creative entrepreneurs of the company, CA Souls, thought when they were first starting up their business. They wanted to combine a deep sense of purpose into their jewelry pieces, one that had a special meaning to those who bought them. After much deliberation, designers, Chau Jessup and An Shoemake, had the ‘aha’ moment when they combined the antiquated Morse Code system into their unique jewelry line.

    Jessup and Shoemake really thought out of the box to come up with something so different in an era where every idea seems to be taken, and it takes something so unique to truly stand out. Their Morse Code line offers customization in the most sentimental form; a message made specifically for few to understand.

    In an interview with the masterminds behind the CA Souls brand, Chau Jessup and An Shoemake, gave us a glimpse into the minds and hearts of their company, and why they choose to use Morse Code as the focal point to their jewelry line.

    There are so many kinds of jewelry options out there, and your choice of Morse Code has really set you apart from the competition. How has the feedback been from customers on your jewelry line?

    Chau - The feedback has been amazing. When we first started to focus on Morse Code jewelry, our intention was to create a product that would connect our customers with someone in their life that they love and greatly care about. It wasn’t until we received feedback and heard stories from our customers that we truly realized the impact that we were making in our customers’ lives. Every order that comes in carries a beautiful story that we get to be a part of and help memorialize.

    One story that I will never forget was about a dear customer who sent us a handwritten note sharing her heartache over recent breakup. She and her best friend, who now lives in Paris, both got out of long term relationships around the same time. The fact that the best friends were far apart in distance made it hard for them to comfort each other during this difficult time. They both purchased the matching LOVE bracelets from us as a reminder that they always have each other, regardless of where they are in the world. To this day, we still keep the beautiful note with us as a reminder of the impact our jewelry line has made in the lives of our customers.

    Morse Code is a unique and antiquated communication system. In a way, you are keep its memory alive by using it as the focal point of your jewelry. In your use of it, have you come to learn more about its use and history?

    Chau - My first encounter and experience with Morse Code started when I was a very young girl. I grew up in Vietnam, and back then I was very active in our girls scout group, and I learned about the use and application of Morse code during that time.

    Named after Samuel C. Morse, inventor of the telegraph, the Morse Code system utilizes the alphabet as a series of dots and dashes in either tone, light or clicking form. While Morse Code was strongly utilized by military units during the World Wars era, a few military branches of the U.S. still practice and learn this form of communication in our present time.

    In this digital and high-tech era, why do you think it’s important for younger generations to understand the history of Morse Code?

    Chau - As a millennial myself, I would have never known about Morse Code had I not learned about it during my participation in girl scout camp. Such an invention is no longer applicable to our modern life, and that’s why a lot of millennials are not familiar with it.

    I think it is easy for us to take for granted the technologies that are readily available today such as our cell phone, internet, computer, etc. We don’t realize that these things were not invented overnight. It took scientists years of study, research and creative evolution of these inventions for us to have the technology that we do today.

    How do you keep evolving your jewelry line so that it’s always fresh and unique?

    An - I usually just have an idea and play around with it through trial and error. Most times, the ideas come to me because I need something to go with an outfit, an event, or I’m making something as a gift for a family member. Some of the designs came to life on their own, while others were inspired from a custom job with a client.

    Where do you see the future of CA Souls going?

    An - We are so excited with the love and support from our customers online. We love the fact that customers from all parts of the world can find our jewelry and shop with us. At the same time, we would like to have our Morse Code pieces available for purchase at many prominent stores around the U.S.

    We hope to expand our product line to all highly traveled U.S. airport gift shops for a last minute, yet meaningful, gift idea for visitors. Expanding our product line to Morse Code accessories and incorporating Morse Code into home decor is also our long term goal.

    As women entrepreneurs, what have you learned about running your own business?

    Chau - It is still a learning process for us, and in fact, we are still learning and making adjustments every day as we go. The most important lesson we have learned is to know who our customers are, and listen to what they have to say. Our brand would have never existed, or continue to thrive, without the love and support of our customer base.

    We make effective changes to our products and strategies by reviewing and listening to our customers’ feedback, both positive and negative. We treat each potential and existing customer as if they are our own family members or friends whose opinion we admire and sincerely care about.

    What is your advice for young women designers, aspiring business owners or leaders who are looking at going down the same path as yourselves?

    An - It is about taking baby steps and to not be afraid of failing. One small success will lead to many others. One small failure will give you the valuable experience to avoid failing in the same manner, and bring you closer to your next success.

    One other important piece of advice is to not go at it alone. In saying that, we don’t mean you need to have a business partner (of course having one always helps to motivate each other.) However, it is important to have a great support system of friends, family, and domestic partners who support your entrepreneurship journey and have your back when you need it most.

    Be sure to check out all of the CA Souls Morse Code products, special offers and our social media pages for inspiration on what your message would be to send to someone you love.