We are bringing awareness this October!

We are bringing awareness this October!

Cancer. A word that is earth shattering to hear, and one that we hope to never have to face in our lifetime. However, it is an unfortunate reality for many people in this world. We understand the importance of supporting those who are both fighting cancer, or have a loved one who is currently battling this terrible disease.

Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, we not only want to raise awareness about cancer, but also spotlight our own empowering bracelet dedicated towards the fight against it. According to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, an astounding 1-in-8 women will be diagnosed with this form of cancer in their lifetime. Breast cancer is also the second leading cause of death among women. However, there are currently 3.3 million breast cancer survivors living and thriving in the United States right now; an uplifting highlight for those who are battling it.

To assist in the fight against cancer, we have created a one-of-a-kind bracelet dedicated towards this important cause. This bracelet represents what it means to survive, fight or face this common and life-altering disease. With every purchase of Susan bracelet, we are donating 20 percent to Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation for cancer research and treatment.

You can customize the message on this bracelet with words like Fighter, Strength, Survivor, Hope, Brave, Faith, Courage, as well as the variety of thread colors that symbolizes the cancer that has impacted you or loved one’s life in some way.


Melanoma: Black
Breast: Pink
Lung: White
All Cancers: Lavender

We thank you in advance for contribution to this cause, and the hope that we can help to find the cure to cancer someday soon.

You can find the bracelets here.

Girls are supporting Girls!

Girls are supporting Girls!

We just dropped our newest collection and this one is pretty special. We want you to remind yourself that you’re perfect the way you are  and how "girls supporting girls" can make a big impact in the world.  

We all fight our own battles and face our own struggles in life. While we often mistake that we are alone in these internal tribulations, we soon come to realize that more people can relate to us than we thought. From facing our fears, to building confidence in ourselves, to dealing with depression, we all have something that we need a little encouragement on.

This collection is all about empowerment and encouragement. We want to help you face these struggles and hurdles taken place throughout your lives. That is why we named it “I am, You are” collection. The collection contains powerful words that are not only inspirational, but also serve as powerful reminders of the strengths that lie within each and every one of us.

We understand the importance of encouragement. Offering these special words in Morse Code language makes them even more meaningful. It may look secret, but it screams a lot. These phrases encourage us to relish in our own uniqueness and to tab in our inner positivity and bravery. If you are going through a hard time or making a huge life transition, this will be a reminder that "You got it, girl!" 

Here is an in depth breakdown of the four ways you can choose your reminder to stay strong through the good, as well as the bad times:


The most important thing to have at all times. It’s ok to feel down or defeated, as no one is always 100% perfect. However, we have to constantly remind ourselves to maintain a positive attitude in life, because it is something that we have complete control over. Staying positive will help us overcome difficult challenges and succeed in whatever endeavor we take on. (Happy, Grace, Cool, Awesome, Winner)


Not comparing ourselves to others and loving who we are. In this time, social media can distort how other people live their lives by portraying a life that is perfect and unmatchable. On pictures, everything will always look great. However, images don't tell the whole story behind the smiles. Many young people are dealing with depression as they feel like their life is not good enough as compared to others. In reality, they are comparing their life to snapshots of something that was skillfully staged by others and isn't necessarily true. As it was well said, “Be you. Everyone else is taken.”  (Loved, Blessed, Dreamer)


    All of us are different and unique creatures. As a result, we should embrace the differences among one another. Trying to become or look like someone else will only bring frustrations. Living in our own skin and accepting our differences are the keys to happiness. Appreciate who you are and what you have (the skills, the looks, the personalities, etc.) as you will have better success turning those into strengths that will fuel your ambition and passions. (Unique, Beautiful, Special, Enough)


      Struggles and setbacks are inevitable in life. Everyone will fight his/her own battle at any point in time. Whether it is a battle against cancer, depression, sickness, or simply achieving your dream & success. Don't be afraid, as those struggles are good to face. They will make you grow and become a better version of yourself. At the end of the day, it's not so much about the struggles that we should worry about, but the initiatives that we take to overcome them. (Strong, Brave, Fighter, Fearless)

      Last but not least, let's share these positive vibes with others. You are not only making a difference in your life, but also in the lives of others. Be open to new ideas, and accept people around you for who they are. Encourage them to thrive with the gifts they have. Those might seem like very small efforts, however, this chain of positive behavior will be replicated, not just by you, but also by those around you as well.

      We can all identify with a phrase or two in this collection, or know someone who could use the extra encouragement in life right now. We truly hope that you will find what you are looking for in this collection, because it is an embodiment of the fighters we all are inside. 

      When girls support each other, incredible things happen. Wear your confidence all day long without being too obvious. Say it in secret - Morse code style!

      Back to School with Morse Code

      Back to School with Morse Code

      The time has come to pack up all your stuff (basically your life), and head to your home away from home. That’s right, it’s back to school time for many college students around the world.

      College is that unique time in your life where you go to find yourself and your desired career path. This is also the time where you make lifelong bonds and connections that will last you a lifetime. CA Souls wants to help you memorialize that time in your life by offering some great back-to-school ideas. These inspirational ideas are not just for those who are currently in school, but also for those proud alumni who hold their alma mater close to their heart to this day.

      Here are some great ways to show school spirit in a meaningful and unique way on your campus this fall.

      Sorority (big-little set)

      What could be more special than sharing a special connection between your sorority sisters, than symbolizing it in a way that’s truly one-of-a-kind? As a member of Greek life, you know the importance pledging to a lifelong bond that goes well beyond your college years. Customize your own special piece for your little or big (or both) with a meaningful phrase or message that they will love. This is the perfect way to memorialize the bonds of sisterhood that has transcended time for generations, and will continue to live on through you.

      Examples words you can use:

      • Bond
      • Your greek letters
      • Your mascot / symbol (Ladybug, kite, fleur-de-lis)

      School name in Morse Code - Customize your own

      Some colleges go by acronyms, others by their mascots and some simply go by their name if it’s easy enough to pronounce. Promote your school spirit by customizing your school’s identity with our Morse Code collection. Many people already own t-shirts, hoodies, flags or bumper stickers emphasizing their college loyalty. Why not wear it in a way that’s never been done before? Here at CA Souls we look forward to helping you craft the perfect piece to show your school pride in a subtle and unique style on campus this year.


      • Pitt
      • PSU
      • WVU
      • Gators
      • Bucknell

       Nylon bracelets with your school color

      Add some splash to your jewelry piece by accenting it with your school colors. CA Souls offers colored nylon bracelets that can really add some flare to your school centered piece. This year, don’t just show your school spirit in your apparel. Wear something that won’t get ragged or age over time after a few washes. Our jewelry line is not only meaningful, but also timeless in keeping your school spirit alive well after you leave your college campus.

      Friendship collection

      Need a little inspiration? Looking for that perfect gift for your best friend or college roommate’s birthday? Our friendship collection offers some great ideas and insight into the perfect message or phrase for your best friends. You can also customize your own message that is special to your closes knit group of friends. There is nothing more meaningful than giving something that can be cherished and worn for many years. As your friendship can last well past your college graduation, so can the gift of giving a CA Souls jewelry piece.

      Also, you don't have to be blood to be sisters. Our personalized sister collection has some wonderful and unique phrases that are perfect for your self-created family. See which message is the best fit for you, and those individuals who are your source of strength and happiness while away from home.

      We hope that we helped inspire some school spirit and pride in preparation of life’s next chapter. We look forward to hearing from you, and hope that we can help customize your story or chapter in way that’s never been done before.