Holiday Gift guide – find the right gift for everyone on your list

Holiday Gift guide – find the right gift for everyone on your list

The holiday season is in the air (especially the music), so it is time to start to thinking about the special gifts you want to give out to your loved ones this year. As you look through various stores and online retailers you may be asking yourself, “What can I do this holiday season that is not only unique, but also practical and sentimental?” We’ve got your holiday gift quest covered! 

We created the ultimate Morse code gift guide for finding the most creative and memorable gift ideas for everyone on your list. Our one-of-a-kind collections can be the perfect gift for many of those awesome people in your life. Check off every name on your list, and make your season a little brighter!

Blood is thicker than water - Family Collection
Looking for that special gift for an aunt who is more like sister? How about a bracelet for your niece that lives across the country? Our “Family Collection” offers a variety of options for most relatives in your family tree. Surprise your kin with an accessory that is unlike anything else out there. Give them a gift that they can wear close to their hearts to mark a bond that will always last a lifetime. 

Morse code Family Collection

Morse code Family Collection

Our inspiration. Our biggest fan. Our rock - Mother Collection
This is the woman who has been your idol since you can remember. Her words and examples are what made you the woman that you are, and you're forever grateful for the impact she has made in your life. Check out our “Mother collection”  for ideas and inspiration to find the perfect word or mantra for the woman that you call, mom. She will be forever touched by the piece, and you will cherish the moment that were able to honor your mom in a way that you hadn’t been able to before.

Mother Morse code Collection

Morse code Mother Collection

The bond that could thaw a frozen heart: Sister Collection 
From Anna to your Elsa. Your sister is a person who understands you in a way that no one else can. Your bond is so strong that you don’t even need words to get what the other is thinking or feeling. What better way to embody that connection, than with a Morse Code piece? Our “Sister Collection” is perfect for displaying your unbreakable bond, with that person who knows you better than you know yourself at times.

Samantha and Carrie. Monica and Rachel. Meredith and Christina - Friendship Collection
For some of us, we cannot imagine life without that one person in it. The “Friendship Collection” offers some fun and memorable pieces that would be the perfect mantra for your best friend for life. From “BFF” to “My Person” the “Friendship Collection” can be the perfect holiday gift to mark a relationship that is just as unique as the jewelry piece itself.

Morse code Friendship Collection 
A one-of-a-kind piece for your one-of-kind love story - Love Collection
Gentlemen, if you are reading this, bravo! That means you are looking for that special gift to match your perfect lady. However, the “Love Collection” is for every relationship out there. Our pieces are the best way to say, “I love you,” like you never have before. You can also use numeric messages (such as anniversary date, birth of child, first date) as a way to remember your love story. There are so many ways to say that you love someone, why not say it in a way that your partner will never forget.

Empowering - I Am/You Are Collection
A powerful statement to match the strongest people in your life. Our empowerment collection is one of the most fun and creative jewelry lines out there. Words like, “Fighter,” “Badass,” and “Dreamer” are just some of the mottos within the “I Am / You Are Collection.” This jewelry line stands as a reminder of our strength, courage and ability to be real in a conformist-type world. What other gift could mean so much, and yet, say it in such a short and meaningful way?

Morse code I am You are Collection

Mantras to remember and live by - Daily Mantras Collection 

Many of us put uplifting mantras on the walls of our home to keep our spirits up. Why not wear them in a way that will never leave us or be forgotten once we leave our home? The “Daily Mantra Collection” has some of the most popular and well-known sayings out there. This is a great gift for that person who loves a little inspiration in their life, but not necessarily on the walls of their home. From your fierce friend who loves to wake up and kickass, to your zen friend who practices meditation, our unique mantras can fit any personality out there.

Daily Mantras Morse code Collection

Morse code Daily Mantras Collection

You found your gift, maybe lots of gifts but gift-wrapping isn't exactly your strong suit? No worries! We got you covered with the holiday special canvas bag and a cute handwritten card. Just make sure to check off the gift wrap offer before adding your item to cart!
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Happy Holidays y'all!