Nothing says unique like Morse Code Earrings!

Nothing says unique like Morse Code Earrings!

At CA Souls, we love what we do, especially when we can deliver something our customers asked for in a jewelry line. Your wish from last year has finally come true -- today we're introducing personalized earrings of your dream!

Our Morse code earring collection offers three different options: hoops, hooks, and threaders for you to choose from. Like our bracelets and necklaces, Morse code earrings can be customized with your own messages. Each item will be your own personal creation and they are just as unique as you are.


We've taken your everyday essential hoops to another level with Lana earrings. Combining a mix of silver and gold beads in these lightweight hoops, we create just enough reflection of light to bring a soft glow to your face. They are the timeless hoops with a modern twist that will not only complement your look beautifully but also give you a confidence boost from inside-out to stand out from the crowd. They are available in sterling silver and 14k gold filled and come in two sizes of 30 or 40mm. Get a pair of the Lana hoops and wear them with confidence and grace of knowing that you look amazing!  


If you’ve been craving hoops with a touch of color, Esme earrings are what you need. These darling hoops come in four different color combinations - white & gold, peach & gold, turquoise & gold, and black & gold that will suit any mood, style, and occasion. Using delicate Miyuki beads, we are adding a hint of color to every piece that will give your outfit just enough boho vibes. These hoops are simple enough for the minimalists but still fun and chic for the trendsetters. They are the perfect finish touch to your look -- keep it casual by pairing them with your summer dress for a day out on the beach or dress them up with a maxi for a cocktail party. They also come in 30mm or 40mm to match your preference.


Nothing says unique like personalized earrings – that's why we’ve designed our earrings with an intention of allowing as much room for customization as possible. Thea earrings are bold enough to make a point but small enough to be dainty. Shiny minimal earrings with simple dropped down messages, they were designed so that you can showcase your personal messages (a tiny flash of 'you') and proudly wear them without feeling like the whole world can read your mind. 


Add a little something extra and spice up your casual look with  Iris earrings! With a touch of black, white, peach, or turquoise beads, Iris knows how to gain you the attention you deserve. Heads will turn and envious mutters of approval will fill up the room as you make your presence wearing them.  


Earrings take your look to the next level! Your moment in the spotlight starts with Rumi threaders. They are versatile and must-have additions to your accessories wardrobe. You have the option to pull the threaders all the way back or let them dangle for an elegant look. You will find yourself enjoying the dangling effects as you take a stroll down the streets or have a good laugh with friends. We won't be surprised if Rumi quickly gains a special place in your heart. Rumi threaders come in classy sterling silver and 14k gold filled. 


Just as fun and whimsical, Poppy earrings are the boho-inspired version of our Rumi threaders. With the colorful Miyuki bead options, they are a Boho dream come true and perfect for fun in the sun look that you'll forever love! 


Last but not least, bring the bling wherever you go with Ada earrings. They will be the personalized earrings of your dream that give just enough glamour. The sterling silver wire threads through the ear and hangs freely at the back, creating a cool gravity-free look. We finish the look with tiny "diamond" Swarovski birthstones making Ada look stunning with any outfit of your choice. Wear Ada with an elegant up-do to really showcase its magical shimmer. 

Customize these earrings to your heart’s desire. Our pieces mean so much more because they’re designed and created by and for you or the people you love. Our earring collection is the ideal partner for your night out or a day at the office. Dainty but mighty, they are perfect handcrafted pieces that are made with love & care for you by our team at CA Souls.