Celebrate Little Moments: Morse Code Mother's Day Guide!

Celebrate Little Moments: Morse Code Mother's Day Guide!

It’s high time to celebrate the very special and amazing moms in your life, including yourself and all of the accomplishments -- mainly, creating and raising an incredible human being. This Mother’s Day, instead of heading out to the flower shop to buy a bouquet of flowers, why not give a gift that’s just as special as one of the most important people in your life.

For some inspirational ideas on which gift you should get your mom, check out our personal recommendations that we offer throughout our Mother’s Day collection. We bet there is a piece out there that perfectly describes your secret admirations and unspoken love toward the woman who helped shape the person you are today. 

Better than flowers

Our jewelry is all about the person, and what makes them special in your heart. We want to embody your relationship and emotions into our pieces, and what better way to do that for your mom than in a way that is so unique and extraordinary. 

Pick a design and custom a word/phrase that not only describes your mom perfectly, but also summarizes how much she means to you. The message you create, or pick, can be simple, funny, sweet, heartwarming or silly.

Perhaps you can go with a My Person necklace that encompasses everything she is to you, or a matching Mother and Daughter set for the two of you to celebrate your one-of-a-kind relationship. 

Celebrate your motherhood

"Today's little moments of motherhood will become tomorrow's precious memories."

As a mom, you have every reason to celebrate your achievement on this special day. Rather you're new to this motherhood role, or are looking for that perfect gift for your partner (hint hint people!), then look no further. We offer messages from Mother, to Mama Bear to Supermom; there is no limit to what "being a mom" means to you and your family.  

Bonding with your little one in style

This is the perfect way to "show off" your bond with your little one(s), as we offer the matching Mama and Baby bracelet set. You and your baby will rock these colorful bracelets in style! Customize his/her name onto our adjustable nylon bracelet with silica glass beads that won't irritate their skin to match with yours that says Mama. You will be proud of the jewelry and its meaning, while your child will love wearing something that matches his/her mom’s. This is a win-win scenario as it’s sure to be a timeless piece that will be cherished by both of you for a long time.


Don’t forget your mom friends

You know what ‘mother’ means. A person who does the work of twenty, and for FREE. We guarantee your mom friends will appreciate receiving some love and encouragement on Mother's day. Why not give them a gift they never expect? Our handcrafted jewelry is a one-of-a-kind way to show your friend how proud you are of her, and her role as a mom. Whether it is to let her know that she is rocking the mom gig (even if she doesn’t always feel that way), or for a first time mom who is nervous about this new chapter, we have a variety of statement pieces that can help encompass what being a mom means to your friend. A Mother bracelet with her baby's birthstone on it or a custom baby's name bracelet will fill her heart with love and pride.

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Celebrate little moments, proudly wear your jewelry!

Happy Mother’s Day to all you superwomen out there!